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Cookies Policy

In compliance with the Royal Decree 13/2012 dated the 30th of March, by which the Law on Information Society Services is amended and in regards to the use of cookies on Web pages, YPTUS XXI, S.L. informs this Website uses cookies in order to measure and analyse the Web traffic, to improve your experience as a user and providing a better service. If required it is possible to configure your browser with a notice on the screen when cookies are received or to prevent their installation, taking into account that this would not allow access to certain Internet functions.

Definition and function of the Cookies

A cookie is a small file created by an Internet site to store information in your device, such as preferences when visiting a web. When a Web page using cookies is accessed, the browser is requested to save one or more cookies in the hard disk. The cookies often keep the website configuration, such as language preference or location. Therefore when the user returns to the Web page, the browser resends the cookies belonging to the page, providing in this way customised service and information in regards to the needs. The cookies may also keep personal information identifying the users, though this website does not use this kind of cookies, and only personal information provided by the user on the contact form will be accessed Your browser cookie configuration may be changed so it enables you to automatically approve or reject cookie storing requests when the browser is shut down and other additional options.

Types of cookies used by this Web page

  • Technical
    This type of cookies provides information on the use the user makes of the Web such as, the visited pages or if there has been any technical problem when accessing. These cookies do not allow identification, as the information collected is anonymous and will only be used to improve the page design and browsing, for use statistics, etc. They enable the web to work speedier and adapt to the users' preferences.
  • Register
    They are created when registering or when logging-on as Web user.
  • Customisation
    They allow to customise the functions or contents of a website in regards to the data obtained by the browser.
  • Session status
    These cookies save the information required during the session and its related changes, and they also establish if logged-on or not on the web.
  • Processes
    The process cookies allow the website to run and offer the services the user expects when accessing the website, such as, the web page browsing or the login to the website's safe areas.

The list of Cookies used by the domain

  • Technical cookies
Cookie Duration Description
ASPSessionId Session Cookie It is used to define the session status and register the visitor’s session, it is non-intrusive and does not save your login from visit to visit nor on difference Websites. It is used to manage areas in regards to log on and also used for shopping carts. It is integrated to our content manager. It remains constant during the session.
polCookId 10 years It is used to check if the visitor has already been informed on the web’s cookie policy.

Cookie Disabling and deleting

Your browser may be configured to allow, block, delete or disable the cookies installed in your device, by configuring the browser options installed in your device. If the installation of cookies is not allowed in your browser, you may not be able to access some of this website's sections or functionalities. In order to configure the browser, disable or administer the cookie installation, and so they are automatically deleted once the browser is shut down, equipment or device, more information may be acquired clicking on the following links we provide, depending on the browser used:

In general most of the browsers allow quick access to the deletion of browser data, clicking the key sequence Ctrl+Shift+Delete, being able to delete the Cookies.

Updating of our Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy may be updated on this Website in accordance with the legal or technical demands, therefore if required, we recommend you review this policy every so often, so as to be accordingly informed on how and why the cookies are used.

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